The New Normal

Grief impacts us on all levels--physically, emotionally, cognitively, mentally, spiritually. How do we navigate this new normal?

The Puzzle of Grief

Explains how grief changes your life and creates a challenge in putting the pieces back together ... into a new puzzle

The Wholeness of Grief

How the practice of yoga and chant helped one mother find peace in the pain surrounding the death of her child

What is Really Wrong

Describes the emotions when people ask us "what's wrong" after the death of a child

Fathers Grieve too

Validates a father's grief, even though it may look different than a mother's


A child's death shatters us, like the shards from broken glass

Surviving Time

Sometimes time goes slowly, sometimes it passes quickly... and sometimes, it's just about surviving each day

Does it Ever Get Easier?

"Easier" is a tricky word. The death of a child is always going to be "hard". But, grief does change and evolve over time

Coming Out of the Closet I and Coming Out of the Closet II

Two back-to-back articles about the clearing out of physical space with your child's old belongings -- and the emotions that surface as a result

A Beautiful Dance

Describes the ebb and flow of the emotions that grief includes -- and how those feelings "dance" with one another to create the choreography of healing

The Sisterhood of Solace

Shows the need to find others who have walked this path - for comfort, validation, support, and compassion

Let me Tell you Who I am Now

Poem about how grief has changed us as parents

Grief Has No Closure (Fortunately)

Demonstrates that it's possible to find comfort in the fact that grief will always be a part of our new normal; and for the bereaved to see the potential of grief as a companion rather than enemy

A Letter to People in Pain: The Early Days of Grief Are a World of Their Own

Shares a beautiful and realistic analogy of what it feels like when tragedy strikes you, and when the rest of the world seems to just continue

The 5 Stages of Grief and Other Lies that Don't Help Anyone

Explains the "real" intention behind Elisabeth Kubler Ross' stages of grief theory and validates the cyclical nature of the complex emotions of being a bereaved parent.

Solving the Problem of Grief: The Solution is not What you Think

The "solution" is to not think of grief as a "problem" in the first place

Talking to Kids about Death

5 tips to keep in mind when talking with children about death based on how well the writers of Sesame Street handled Mr. Hooper's death on the show

How to Talk to A Parent who has Lost a Child. From Someone who's Been There

Offers advice for family and friends in order to be more sensitive and understanding

Losing Maddie - A Year Later

A bereaved mother shares the emotions surrounding the one-year anniversary